Nexon has recently stepped up their investigating of account sales. You must realize that buying and selling accounts is against their ToS, and they have every right to ban an account they've proven was sold/purchased. When purchasing an account, it's best to avoid ones that have pictures of characters included to the public, especially if the IGN is clearly showing.

For Reboot accounts specifically, it's best to avoid ones that even show a picture of the character, especially if a specific level is given publicly. If items are shown, it can also increase the risk.

If an account is banned or taken back, PixelMarket is not responsible. However, we will try our best to help going forward if you took all necessary precautions explained below. Your first move should be to attempt to contact the seller. Many times, the seller can provide more help than PixelMarket.

Tips for purchase

Ensure that you're receiving sufficient amount of information to the account if you plan on continuing to use the account. This could include:

  • Email (original email account was registered with if possible) - difficult to prove the original email is the one they're providing, however it's the safest to have
  • Password to the email account
  • Security answers/questions to email account
  • MapleStory password
  • Security questions / answers for MapleStory account
  • Birthday account was registered with
  • Nexon ID, if applicable

Once purchased, test all information given to make sure it's correct.

Have a new email already setup and ready to link to account. NEVER leave the account linked to an email the seller provided.

Do NOT confirm until ALL information you desire is provided and working.

Prior to confirming, change all necessary information:

  • Email password
  • Change/unlink any phone number or email linked to email account if necessary
  • MapleStory email
  • MapleStory password
  • MapleStory security questions / answers
  • Unlink any social media accounts
  • PIC

Disputing Completed Transactions

PixelMarket relies heavily on it's users to gauge whether a transaction has been successfully completed or not through its confirmation system. This is why it's of the upmost importance that these "Confirm" buttons are not pressed until the transaction is completed in your eyes as the buyer. If you did not receive everything you believe you were entitled, then don't click the button. When you click that button, you're telling us it's okay to issue the payment to that seller.

Therefore, if you click that button and you didn't receive everything you believe you should have, it's out of our hands and we are not responsible for trying to retrieve it.

If an account is banned or information changed, and the seller is of no help, you can then contact us to step in.

If an account is stolen back from you, you are allowed to dispute whether you confirmed or not. However, you must realize that this does not mean to dispute it on Paypal. This hinders the process and we will not investigate your case while a Paypal dispute is open. Instead, submit a ticket providing evidence that the account was stolen back. Include order number, seller username, screenshots if necessary. Hopefully the trading of information was done on PixelMarket, because this makes it easier for us to help you. We do not use Discord or Skype chats as evidence. This also does not mean you're guaranteed a full refund. It's done on a case-by-case basis. It cannot be stressed enough, that this is a very difficult thing to prove without direct access to Nexon's logs for accounts. Therefore, you must not get your hopes up, because it's nearly impossible to flat out prove who changed the information--the buyer or the seller.

Once you've done this, we can take steps to help in getting your money refunded.